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Value of learning and helping

Fill the gaps in your  digital business with just a few minutes every two weeks. Most businesses know that if you can get more clients on the phone you sell more.

But how do you warm those clients to find the right time to pitch?

There’s no algorithm. No scraping tools. Just me and my team improving processes and keeping present in the minds of high-quality outbound leads. It all starts with sharing value and trust that comes with consistency.

About Tristan

With over 15 years of building and running online companies focused on business outcomes and process improvement.

I have seen businesses in many shapes and sizes work, but the common aspects are a trust and partnership with their customers needs.

By making this email series for you, I hope to offer you process incites for management decisions.

About Company

Holdingbay web agency for manufacturing, based in Brighton, Sussex, happy to talk about your business needs, where ever you are based.

  • Drive value for Manufacturers with targets to meet and slack to reduce.
  • Build projects from scratch or develop existing ones.
  • Manage the design and development process
  • Work is Agile, Responsive website with good analytic targets to improve results

Founded over 10 years ago, this agency has grown to serve customers in the UK, Germany and around the world. With a track record of building technical online solutions and partnering with in-house teams to release their potential. Less time entering back office data and more time automating and answering sales enquiries.